Steyning Area First Responders (SAFeR), a local charity which supports the Steyning team of emergency responders and maintains a network of public access defibrillators, has recently received two grants to support its work from local organisations.

Local Rotary Club President Tony Wagstaff hands over a cheque to the SAFeR responder team

The Rotary Club of Shoreham and Southwick has provided a grant of £500 to cover the cost of team training for the next year. The Steyning team of six responders, which last year attended around 200 emergencies, meet monthly to learn new skills and keep existing ones up-to-date and the grant will cover room rental expenses.

Refurbished phone box in Steyning High St

The Steyning Society has given a grant of £400 towards the cost the charity incurred in restoring the telephone box in the High Street in Steyning. The phone box, a listed building which is home to one of SAFeR’s defibrillators, was damaged in a storm in 2021. As well as replacing the door which was blown off its hinges, the charity has repainted the box in its traditional bright red paint.

Nick Dungay, chair of SAFeR commented: “We are a small charity with limited funds, so we really appreciate the generous support provided by the Rotary Club and The Steyning Society, which allows us to continue to do our work.”

Steyning Area First Responders receives two generous grants