Refurbished phone box in Steyning High St

A grade II listed telephone box in Steyning High Street has been repaired after its heavy metal door was ripped off by the strong winds of storm Eunice in February.

The box, which contains a public access defibrillator provided by Steyning Area First Responders (SAFeR), now has a new door and refurbished hinges.

SAFeR chairman Nick Dungay commented

“We were grateful that people working in a neighbouring office spotted the door swinging dangerously in the fierce winds and that the owner of the nearby antique shop was able to detach it before it caused anyone any harm.”

“We were pleased to source and fit a replacement door to ensure the traditional box could be restored to its former glory”.

The telephone box is owned by SAFeR, who purchased it from BT a number of years ago. The K6 box was originally designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott in 1936.

SAFeR provides a growing number of public access defibrillators in the BN44 area. See full list.

Storm damaged Steyning phone box refurbished