In partnership with the emergency services

When a “999” call is made within the area, an ambulance will be despatched to the scene. At the same time, Ambulance Control will contact the SAFeR Responder who is on duty. Because we’re in a rural area, Responders can often arrive first and begin to treat the patient by:

  • · Providing resuscitation and heart defibrillation
  • · Giving oxygen therapy
  • · Clearing and controlling the airway of an unconscious patient
  • · Controlling any bleeding
  • · Making them feel more comfortable and at ease
  • · Taking basic observations
  • · Reassuring the patient as well as worried family and friends and taking charge of the situation
  • · Using local knowledge to ensure that an ambulance can find the location quickly
  • · Passing on information on the patient's condition and other vital information to ambulance control and the paramedics