The charity initially purchased three telephone kiosks from BT that were due to be decommissioned. These are in Steyning High Street, Bramber and Upper Beeding. In addition, we have been instrumental in the installation of a further three defibrillators in Ashurst Village Hall, Steyning Grammar School and the phone kiosk in Wiston village. These have all had special heated cabinets installed.


We would like to thank the following people and companies without whom this project may not have got off the ground: –

All the staff at BT who helped us purchase the three phone kiosks.

Fred Dawson of Lead Paint Solutions who repainted the Steyning phone box free of charge.

Dean Cooper – a local electrician who installed the heated cabinets in each phone kiosk.

Martin Fagin of Community Heartbeat Trust – a charity that helps people install public access defibrillators. Martin has given us a lot of advice as well as supplying the heated cabinets.

Nick Tompkin for his legal advice.

And last but by no means least, special thanks to Malcolm Legg from South East Coast Ambulance Service who not only donated the first three defibrillators but has guided and supported SAFeR throughout this project and continues to support us in our normal role as Community First Responders.