Steyning Area First Responders

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When people fall ill suddenly, they often need medical attention quickly.

Ambulances are not always close by in rural areas like Steyning, Bramber and Upper Beeding to answer emergency calls.

SAFeR Responders are fully trained by the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAMB) and provide an essential immediate service to support the Ambulance Service in the local community.

They receive regular refresher training and re-examination to ensure they meet SECAMB s' high standards. This includes third manning when they spend a shift on an ambulance with paramedics attending all types of emergency.

We believe we really do make a difference...This year so far, SAFeR responders have attended numerous falls, strokes, heart attacks and other medical  emergencies in and around the Steyning area, underlining the importance of the scheme to the local community.

SAFeR responders are all volunteers,

comitting time on a regular basis to provide support to the local community. Directed by the SECAMB to respond to Emergency calls before the Ambulance can attend.

Vital time is saved when the Responder is able to assess the situation and brief the Emergency Service, generally before the ambulance arrives at the scene. Responders are not called to attend Road Traffic Accidents, pregnancy related calls or incidents involving public disorder but can provide support in almost all other circumstances.

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